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Seamlessly Create Digital Product Passports For Your Entire Catalogue
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Make Your Products Unforgettable

Capture The Imagination Of Your Customers.

Digital Passports & Certificates of Authenticity

Design tailored Digital Passports and Certificates to perfectly align your brand.

Differentiate your products with custom attributes that showcases there unique features.

Empower customers with permanently accessible digital records of their purchases.

Serial Number Management & Tracking

Track individual products throughout their lifecycle, from manufacture to end-user.

Link serial numbers to essential product details (manufacturing date, batch, specifications).

Address customer inquiries, warranty claims, and recalls with accurate product history.

Shopify Integrations

Effortlessly integrate your Shopify store. Automatically generate unique Passports and references for each new order, providing a traceable history for every product.

Include serial numbers in invoices, saving them to Shopify orders.  

POS Ready

Immediately deploy Digital Passports available at physical stores, creating new passports in a few of clicks

Create Product Passports as the point-of-sale, customising attributes to the specific item and customer

Use our secure caddy app to easily create passports, without using our portal

Active Fraud Detection

Combat counterfit fraud and flag unsual activity proactivley, protecting your brand and reputation

Monitor transaction frequency and identify suspicious spikes in lookup attempts.

Track device characteristics (IP address, browser type) and flag anomalies.

QR Code & NFC Ready

Natively create QR Codes for sharing and easy distribution  

Enhance product transparency by integrating QR Codes and NFC tags that link to comprehensive product passports

Embed Product Passports into NFC enabled chips or universally scannable QR Codes for easy use.

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