Use Cases

Digital Passports & Certificates of Authenticity

Digital Product Passports act as a digital fingerprint for your goods, offering an irrefutable way to prove authenticity. These secure records contain a wealth of information about the product's journey, from its origin and materials used to its manufacturing process and ownership history.
This level of detail makes it incredibly difficult for counterfeiters to replicate a product accurately.

Our platform enables you to create Certificates to prove authenticity of each individual product sold. With each product sold being assigned to a unique reference, linked to a custom product passport.

Supply Chain Accountability

Digital Product Passports offer a transparent and secure solution for proving the source of materials used in a product. They provide a tamper-proof record of a product's journey, detailing where raw materials were extracted and each stage of production.

This level of traceability empowers consumers and businesses to make informed decisions about product origins, helps identify ethical sourcing issues, promotes responsible practices, and allows companies to demonstrate compliance with regulations.

Using Volconic, you can customise the attributes held against each product. Adding numerous sources and materials used in the products you sell.

Warranty Validation

By linking warranty details to a product's digital identity, businesses can streamline the repair processes, protects consumers from counterfeit or fraudulent warranty claims, and potentially increases a product's resale value by documenting its authentic history and maintenance.

With Volconic you can create product lines with customisable warranty information, accessible on demand. Should they misplace their receipt or re-sell the product, their warranty claim can be linked directly to the product.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory tracking using Digital Passports enables accurate stock management, reducing the risks of overstocking or shortages. If you operate a distributed supply chain, with several resellers and stockists, you can easily keep track of every sale.

Each time a product is sold, the digital passport generated, follows the product throughout its lifecycle - creating a single source of truth.

With the Volconic Caddy App, you can enable your stockists and sellers to seamlessly deploy product passports, without requiring access to your central platform - instantly receiving notifications when sales are made!